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All aspects of Real Estate are where my passion lies, helping clients fulfill their dreams, selling or buying!

Watching them create and recreate new chapters in their lives through their interaction in the Real Estate arena is the most rewarding accomplishment for me.

Personally, all my life I’ve based my family around my line of work. I started off as a nurse, but shift work just wasn’t cutting it for me when my children were born, so instead I decided to direct my own childcare center where they could come along too.

Once the kids grew out of that, it was into managing our own indoor playground center with my husband, and then Real Estate once the kids hit high school and we moved up to Brisbane from Canberra.

I have worked in Real Estate for over 12 years with several companies including Harcourts, Ray White and a couple of boutique agencies. In August last year we decided as a family to create our own family agency where we focus on our clients needs and wants before our own.

It’s truly a passion and a pleasure to have our own family business in Real Estate and I look forward to introducing you to the entire family soon!

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Performing arts teacher/ waitress meets real estate agent!

What do you get when you combine a talented performing arts teacher who also has a background in hospitality, with real estate? You get Steff! A genuinely people orientated person who is brimming with a stack of personality and enthusiasm, connecting people with property!

Now, personality doesn’t mean you miss out on getting a consummate professional either! Steff is super proud in her professional appearance and takes extreme pride in her work.

‘I am a bit of a perfectionist and have a genuine desire to not only meet the needs but exceed the expectations of my clients’ Stephanie says.

‘I believe the human element is what unites us all in everything we do. For me it’s not about property, just the same as is wasn’t about food when I was in hospitality, or theory when I was a teacher. It’s about people!’ she says, ‘and ensuring that people live at the heart of everything you do’.

Steff goes on to add, ‘It may sound a bit corny, but no matter what profession I’ve been in, I’ve always lived with the same purpose and belief. I honestly get out of bed every morning believing – today I can literally change someone’s life.’

‘Let me explain..,’ she says, ‘In hospitality, it was my aim to make people feel special, in education it was about making my students feel valued and heard and now with property it’s about helping my clients feel involved, excited and at ease when selling/buying their homes!’

‘I would like to expose the elephant in the room here and admit that there is no denying that real estate is a big change for me. But honestly, where I lack in industry practice and experience I sure make up for in oodles of gumption, passion and determination to live out my purpose on a daily basis,’ Steff adds.

So if you’re looking for an agent with flair that genuinely puts you first and also puts their money where their mouth is.. Why not call Steff today?

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